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Corporate Social Responsiblity


Snehalaya provides rehabilitation and education to the children with disabilities with love and care. It provides residence to 55 children. It provides various therapies to the children.
The Dream of Snehalaya is to “Dispel the darkness of the disability” through holistic development, education, mainly focusing on Inclusive set up where equal opportunities are created for children with Cerebral Palsy and with Multiple disabilities; thus empowering them to make their life worth-living and be acknowledged in and by the society and the world at large.
Snehalaya provides rehabilitation programmes – therapeutical care to the children for their physical development. It also provides training, guidance, counselling and emotional support to parents of these children to carry out home based intervention. Snehalaya runs Community Based Rehabilitation Centres in the villages and Day Care Centres in the town/city.

Drought Relief Fund

Blood Donation Camp

On January 6, 2016, CCI held a blood donation camp. Recognizing the need for blood and shortage of supply for emergency cases, 43 employees stepped forward and donated blood to help the noble cause.

Blood Donation Camp


Navkshitij was established to improve the well-being of mentally challenged friends – Navkshitij take them under their wing, organize activities, teach them life skills and vocational skills, encourage them to become as independent as possible, and nurture them in a compassionate environment.
The idea of Navkshitij took shape while planning and organizing a walkathon from Pune to Lonavla, for mentally challenged friends. Dr. Neelima Desai and the organisers discussed the need to set up a center for mentally challenged friends. Navkshitij was established on November 27, 2003, the day of the walkathon. Initially, there was a setup of day care center. In June 2007, Navkshitij became a residential facility. Currently they have a total of 50 mentally challenged friends living with them for life in Marunji campus along with 44 Staff members.

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